Episode 2

special thanks to artists who has collaborated at this episode
Joao Mendes from Sao paulo, Brazil / photographer
Karen Longden-Sarron from Cape Town Area,Suth Africa / painter - writer
Stefania Kleynendorst from Brisbane Area , Australia / photographer
Franco Franceschi from Rome Area , Italy / photographer
Larry Cwik from portland,oregon Area, America / photographer - film maker

In this series there is no vestige of common prides that is seen in artistic works .Even there is no mark of personal and professional qualities of participant artists .This is as a result of following the rules i placed in this project such as setting specific times for synchronized shooting ,not having the right to change the situation for achieving better picture in determined times ,having no attention to aesthetic scales and... .The intention which its consequence is achieving a work with different pictorial and semantic angles from each present artist previous work .In fact i invited the participants to explain a second of the life they are facing ,with a so simple language .Then by installing these simple pictures i will allow the audience gives an again meaning to the work by comparing them.

At final installation i have taken black frame instead of some photos .This means not receiving the photo at determined time from the artist because of: being asleep ,not doing,....this is a part of the truth that exists in this project and i decided to use a black frame instead of eliminating of artist.

initially i sent the text below for the group and we got synchronized by the schedule tt


It is supposed to do photography 3 times a day. We have to shoot at the same time . I tried to set the times (due to time different that exits) a form that all have at least a photo in day light. In this episode we will get synchronized from America , Australia , Italy , Brazil Africa and me in Iran. Unfortunately , my connection with the friend that was supposed to be with us from Africa has been disconnected and I am looking for replace. I hope I can do this quickly . If I managed to do it , we will started 27th march to time Iran.

I live in Iran ,Yazd . The time differences of you , are the following:

Compared to me:

Franco: – 3:30

Larry: – 12:30

Joni : – 7:30

Stefania: + 5:30

If each of us take photo according to schedule below , synchronism will happen:

At the end of each ternary cycle you have to email photos to me. The subject of photography is the picture in front of us at the moment .There is no necessity that change your location for providing more beautiful photo. My goal is not visual aesthetics issues. But is expressing the situation we are in , at the moment. These images may be very beautiful or very common . My concept is another thing . in fact , with installation of these photos beside each other I will provide the possibility of comparing different lives at synchronized times , for audience .

The result is unpredictable for every one , including our own and I think it will give more excite to the work.

My plan for performing this episode is 3-4 days. It is not needed to have change in your routine life. Even if you were asleep at the time prescribed , I will use black frame in final photos installation and it doesn’t hurt to work. Because it’s a part of your life. Please inform me receiving this text . As soon as I selected an African artist , will tell you the exact time of start.

Best regards Mahmoud kashfipour